Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 3, European Bicycle Day

Bild: Wikipedia, creative common: Karl Draisin his walking machine

On occasion of the European Bicycle Day June 3rd some interesting facts have been highlighted
 in a  posting of the student magazine "eMAG online" at the University of Augsburg:

           "There have been many who tried to invent something
             close to our modern bike (like Leonardo da Vinci),
             but it was actually a German (Karl Drais) who got a patent
             for it in 1818." and

            "The biggest collection of bicycles can be found in the 
              Bicycle Museum of America in Ohio, more precisely in a 
              nice little town called New Bremen,
              founded by German immigrants." 
              (Text: Tamara Kögel) Go to eMAGonline 

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