Friday, November 16, 2012

Brompton folds smaller than the "Dahon MU xl", but how about the new "Tern" from the same folding bike family?

In every Tuesday edition, the prestigious German daily newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung publishes a section on technologies. This week an article by Daniel Decker stands out.  He writes about his experiences with both the well known folding bike Dahon Mu xl and the newly released Tern Verge S11i.  (FAZ, T4, Tuesday 13, Nov. 201, Nr. 265)
The author likes either of them.  In his view, the Tern is an eye catcher, its good quality is visible everywhere.  But it does not fold as small as the Dahon, which is a major inconvience when taking it along on Germany`s ICE express train. He finds the  quality superior and he is full of praise  about it.
Any Brompton friend, however, will notice,  when it comes to folding size, neither the Dahon nor the Tern can beat the Brompton.

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  1. True. It is hard to beat the Brompton's sweet fold. I purchased it for the ease in using the Metro here in Phoenix. I owned a cute little red Dahon Eco3 for a few years but when we moved I decided that I needed to have a folding bike more ammenable to public transit. My cousin ended up buying my Dahon though and has been very happy with it - and finds it much easier to take onto the Metro as compared to her much larger Electra (which she subsequently sold!). I suppose it's all relative.


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